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Washing Machine Repairs Canberra

Do you have a problem with your washing machine?

I have experience repairing issues such as:

  • Washing machine not filling with water or dispensing detergent properly

  • Washing machine not draining or spinning

  • Washing machine is leaking

  • Washing machine isn’t agitating

  • Washing machine is out of balance or noisy

  • Washing machine not completing cycle

  • I also have experience with some not-so common problems

fix washing machine Canberra Ginger Beard Handy Services
Ginger Beard Handy Services can repair your washing machine

Is my washing machine able to be repaired?

In most instances, yes!

You may be surprised to discover that most problems with your washing machine are able to be repaired. Strange noises, rattles or even not spinning don’t have to mean you should by a new machine. You may have a couple of issues with your machine that are related to the one fault. 

There are of course some washing machine faults that cannot or should not be repaired. Sometimes there will be an issue with the drum (inner or outer) and while it will be possible to fix it, the time involved can make it more worthwhile getting a new machine. I will be able to let you know if there is a problem in this area.

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