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Tait from Ginger Beard Handy Services

Behind Ginger Beard Handy Services

About Me.

Hi, I'm Tait and I'm the owner of Ginger Beard Handy Services. I provide appliance and home repairs to the people of Canberra.

My specialty is the small jobs around the home that you often don't have time for. I've worked in small flats, schools, restaurants and embassies.

My clients include Real Estate Agents, Local Businesses and I am also an authorised service agent for some appliances. If you have work you would like completed, get in touch to discuss it with me.

I am also the Authorised Service Agent for Hisense products in Canberra, meaning I conduct the warranty repairs for this brand.

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My Qualifications.

Certificate IV in Engineering
Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning)
Certificate III in Engineering Electrical/Electronic Trade
Certificate II in Automotive Mechanical Air Conditioning
Certificate I Construction (Non-Structural Repair) aka: Handyman Licencing Requirement for NSW

My Licences.

Contractor Licence (NSW) (Minor Maintenance Non Structural Repair Work, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration): 273156C
Electrical Fitter Licence (QLD): 137042
Forklift,    Elevated Work Platform (EWP - 12m+ Boom)
ABN: 37 810 846 317

My Journey.

I started my journey on the road to being a tradesman in 2007 as an Electrical Fitter and Refrigeration Mechanic with the Army at Bandiana Victoria. This is where I gained the skills to repair home appliances, as well as some larger pieces of equipment that aren't found in the home. I began my journey as a handyman as a home owner in Wodonga Victoria, where I gained the necessary skills to do home repairs. Since that time I've also had the chance to live in some pretty great places before calling Canberra my home.

In 2015, I moved to Canberra where I am also working on becoming an Engineer and Computer Scientist at the ANU. It was here that I saw I had an opportunity to start a handyman business and with my beard, the name Ginger Beard Handy Services came naturally. Being a handyman is enjoyable as I get to work on something new each time and I enjoy the technical challenges I face as an appliance repairer.

Advantages of Using Ginger Beard Handy Services

Lean-Principled Repair Process

Except for  a few sundry items (wall anchors, some standard screws and other bits and pieces), I apply Lean principles to the work I do.

This means I try to keep the amount of waste or unused materials to a minimum when collecting for your job.

It also means that replacement parts are the newest available and that I'm not storing parts in my truck where they could become heat damaged in storage.

I also aim for continuous improvement.

When I fault-find and repair an appliance for example, I think about how I could improve the fault-finding processes I use.

For each new job, I take what I have learned previously and apply it to that situation whether it be patching a hole in a wall, repairing a dishwasher or washing machine, or replacing rollers in a sliding door.


I follow the best practices I know when it comes to fixing the problems in your home, workplace or business.

This means that I don't try to cut corners on the work I do or on the repairs I make.

I acknowledge however that sometimes, things don't work out as they should and if somthing doesn't go quite right I ask that you let me know for the following reasons:

If the reason is because of my workmanship, I want to correct it for you.

If the reason is because of faulty materials, I don't want to be using those materials next time and I want to let the manufacturer know.

I want to know if something doesn't work as it should and the only way I do know, is if you tell me.

I am also insured, and I am happy to provide these details at your request.