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Refrigerator Repairs Canberra

Is your fridge not running at it’s best?

I’ve helped people such as you with fridge problems such as:

  • Freezer ice cold but fridge is warm

  • Ice building up in freezer or is not defrosting

  • Fridge alarms not stopping

  • Refrigerator is tripping power circuit

  • Fridge is making strange sounds

  • Your fridge is leaking water

  • I also have experience with some not-so common problems

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Is it worth fixing my fridge?

Most refrigerator problems can be repaired

If you have had your refrigerator for a number of years, you might think that you are better off buying another one but in most instances, your fridge might need just a part or two to get back to top condition. Most problems that look like “low on gas” are actually related to something else and your fridge has not lost refrigerant at all.

I can advise if your fridge should be replaced, which is the case if your fridge actually does have a leak, or if your fridge doesn’t have any parts available

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