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Dishwasher Repairs Canberra

I can take a look at your Dishwasher

I am able to repair dishwasher problems such as:

  • Dishwasher not draining properly

  • Problems with dishwasher racks and rollers

  • Dishwasher leaking around door

  • Dishwasher not filling with water

  • Replacing Dishwasher Hoses

  • Dishwasher not completing cycle

  • I can also diagnose and repair some not-so common dishwasher problems!

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Ginger Beard Handy Services can repair your washing machine

When should I repair my dishwasher and when should I look at buying a new one?

When parts are no longer available!

Your dishwasher handles the most corrosive powders in your home, so it is natural that some components wear out (the drain pump being the most common culprit). To me, it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole new machine just because of a simple problem when it can be repaired and given new life.
At some stage, the manufacturers stop producing parts and that is when I would look at buying a new dishwasher.

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