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Appliance Repair Canberra

We can solve a wide range of Appliance Repair problems in your home, from simple adjustments to complex issues

Washing Machine Repairs Canberra
Refrigerator & Fridge Repairs Canberra
Dishwasher Repairs Canbera
Stove, Oven and Other Appliance Repairs Canberra

Is it worth repairing my appliance?

Taking care of your appliance can save you money.

Its a fact of life that things wear out. This doesn’t mean you should replace them. You don’t buy a new car just because the tires have worn, for example. The same can be said for the appliances in your home. 

With some appliances costing over $1000 to replace, not to mention the added hassle of having to find a new machine (making sure it can fit in the space of your old appliance), having your appliance repaired can be a cost effective decision.

When you call me out to diagnose your appliance, I give you an honest appraisal on whether it should be repaired or replaced.